Who We Are

We are a team who initially came together through our interest in Life Design, and our partnership has flourished through our shared values, deep friendship and respect for each other. Our collaboration is founded on our love of service to community; creative, holistic, embodied approaches to wellbeing; and inclusive leadership and social justice. We continue to evolve our work to meet the ever-changing challenges of our world.

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato

Co-founder & Partner
Fieldbrook Advising
Designing Your Life Facilitator and Coach
Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher
Wellness & Health Coach

  • Experience: Facilitator, teacher, coach; Therapist; Development/Fundraising in Higher Education and Arts & Culture.
  • Design Focus: Navigate life with awareness, curiosity and courage!
  • Today: Provides teaching and coaching for stress management, life design, compassion, and well-being.
  • Purpose: Empowerment and emotional wellbeing

    Heather’s coaching, teaching and facilitation focused on mind-body wellbeing may be found at heathershaughnessy.com and selfcompassioninaction.com.

Joan Cheverie

Co-founder & Partner,
Fieldbrook Advising

Certified DYL Facilitator and Life Design Coach

  • Experience: 30+ years in higher education, librarian & information professional, leadership development for higher education association
  • Design Focus: Emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, using design thinking for sustainable change
  • Today: Business co-owner, leadership coach, & potter
  • Purpose: Empowering people to recognize, embrace, & use their talents & skills

Michael Cato

Certified DYL Facilitator,
Fieldbrook Advising
Information Technology Executive focused in Higher Education

  • Experience: 20+ years in Information Technology (IT) with a Higher Education focus; 15+ years in IT Leadership; 6 years as a Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Design Focus: Inclusive Leadership
  • Today: IT Executive in Higher Education; Leadership Development Facilitator; Mentor; pseudo/kinda/almost CrossFit athlete
  • Purpose: Empower people to foster innovation through inclusive leadership.