Who We Are

We are a team who share a commitment to teaching, facilitating and mentoring.

Collectively, our areas of expertise include: emotional intelligence, pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion for strategic benefit, emotional wellbeing and stress management, self-compassion, organizational communication, leadership development, career development for information professionals.

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato

Co-founder & Partner
Certified DYL Facilitator
Fieldbrook Advising
Self-compassion & yoga teacher, Mom, Wife/Partner, friend

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  • Experience: 10+ years in Development/Fundraising in the Arts & Culture and Higher Education, 9 years as Mind-Body Teacher, 3 years as therapist with clinical experiences in a college counseling service and a hospital, part-time “stay at home” parent
  • Design Focus: Navigate life with awareness, curiosity and courage!
  • Today: Teaches self-compassion + yoga + life design
  • Purpose: Empowerment and emotional wellbeing

Joan Cheverie

Co-founder & Partner,
Certified DYL Facilitator
Fieldbrook Advising

Leadership Coach, Potter, Volunteer, Wife, Friend

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  • Experience: 30+ years in higher education, librarian & information professional, leadership development for higher education association
  • Design Focus: Emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, using design thinking for sustainable change
  • Today: Business co-owner, leadership coach, & potter
  • Purpose: Empowering people to recognize, embrace, & use their talents & skills

Michael Cato

Certified DYL Facilitator,
Fieldbrook Advising
Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Information Technology Executive focused in Higher Education

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  • Experience: 20+ years in Information Technology (IT) with a Higher Education focus; 15+ years in IT Leadership; 6 years as a Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Design Focus: Inclusive Leadership
  • Today: IT Executive in Higher Education; Leadership Development Facilitator; Mentor; pseudo/kinda/almost CrossFit athlete
  • Purpose: Empower people to foster innovation through inclusive leadership.