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Bring Designing Your Life to your team or group.

Designing Your Life (DYL) can be a stand-alone experience, or integrated as part of a larger program or agenda.

DYL modules range from 1.5 hours to two full days of facilitated content, exercises, discussion, and collaboration. Modules are designed for self-reflection, collaboration, and skill-building related to design-thinking and moving into action.

Areas of focus can include:

  • Explore the social narrative and challenge the dysfunctional beliefs that get in the way of thriving.
  • Define the meaning of your work and life, explore the concept of coherence, and how coherence can help to increase flourishing.
  • Explore past roles and identify what you need to be challenged and fulfilled at work.
  • Design the balance and energy needed to fuel your life and work.
  • Frame and reframe problems or areas where you’ve been stuck and engage in “radical collaboration” and ideation for new solutions.
  • Envision three potential future lives and learn how to prototype the parts of these lives that are most compelling to them, at work and beyond.
  • Hone your decision-making process, tuning into the wisdom of multiple ways of knowing.
  • Prototype conversations to enlist the support you need for your life design.
  • Use design tools to action plan for real change.
  • Reframe networking and make the connections needed to develop professionally.

We also offer integrative experiences, pairing design thinking with topics on self-care and resilience, self-compassion, inclusion and belonging, and engaged leadership.

Examples of past workshop topics have included:

  • A Design-Thinking Approach to Self-Care
  • Learning from Failure with Design Thinking and Self-Compassion
  • Careers by Design – Envisioning the future + How to get there
  • Meeting Stress with Compassion

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