Feeling stuck? Navigating messy work or life transitions?
Explore Life Design one-on-one, customized for you and your goals.

We offer individual Life Design coaching, in which we lead you in a creative, iterative process drawing from design-thinking mindsets, tools and frameworks.

We offer an authentic, supportive and empowering coaching relationship with our clients.

Our strengths lie in listening deeply, distilling and synthesizing what you are sharing, incorporating relevant tools and practices to generate insights, and partnering with you to help to put that insight into action.

Rates on a sliding scale available upon request.

Work with Us

Joan Cheverie

Joan Cheverie
  • Experience: 30+ years in higher education, librarian & information professional, leadership development for higher education association
  • Design Focus: Emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, using design thinking for sustainable change
  • Today: Business co-owner, leadership coach, & potter
  • Purpose: Empowering people to recognize, embrace, & use their talents & skills

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Heather Shaughnessy-Cato

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato
  • Experience: Facilitator, teacher, coach; Previously served as a therapist and in Development/Fundraising roles in Higher Education and Arts & Culture.
  • Design Focus: Navigate life with awareness, curiosity and courage!
  • Today: Compassion & Life Design Teacher and Coach
  • Purpose: Empowerment and emotional wellbeing

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Let’s build a new way forward.

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