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– Seth Adelman

Having recently retired from medical practice, I was eager to plan my future and wanted to see if there was a way to integrate the various interests I’ve acquired over the years. I read the book ‘Range’ by David Epstein (about the value of being a generalist in a world of specialists) and came across these pearls: “…we are each made up of numerous possibilities.” “We discover the possibilities… by trying new activities….” “Rather than a grand plan, find experiments that can be undertaken quickly.”

When I then heard a podcast interview with Prof. Evans introducing me to the Designing Your Life methodology, I was immediately intrigued. Here were the same ideas framed within a fully developed system for implementing them. And I soon discovered that there was an online DYL workshop starting in just a few weeks!

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How I Learned to Re-frame Dysfunctional Beliefs and Love the Coaching Process
– Megan Takagi

I’ve always considered myself a fairly reasonable, forgiving, and open-minded person. I try my best not to jump to conclusions, generalize situations, or get offended when I encounter rude strangers because everyone is going through something difficult, at any given moment. What was particularly eye-opening about my Designing Your Life (DYL) Digital Journey facilitated by Fieldbrook Advising, however, was the realization that I don’t often give myself the same grace or benefit of the doubt that I quickly bestow upon others.

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And Suddenly There Is Clarity
– Maxi Fleischmann

Before the Designing Your Life (DYL) Digital Journey workshop series, facilitated by Fieldbrook Advising, I was feeling stuck, professionally and privately. I felt limited in living my life to its fullest potential, I felt imprisoned – in a golden cage with my mind stuck in it, unable to get out despite its doors being open. I came to the workshop wishing to gain bravery. I wanted to focus on my truest self when engaging with others as opposed to me trying to impress others. I wanted to live life to the fullest! But all those aspirations were exactly that – a vision rather than reality.

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Finding My Way
– Gretchen D.

What should the next chapter look like?  I’m 5 years from retiring, but I’m not ready to sit in a rocker.  I knew I had something more to give, but I couldn’t get traction on any ideas.  I’m interested in addressing some of the challenges in my community, but how do I translate volunteer work into something more?

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