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Design the most important project of all…your life

Based on the design thinking framework they made popular at Stanford University’s Design School (d-school), Bill Burnett and Dave Evans authored the book Designing Your Life (DYL) on their innovative approach to applying design thinking to building a well-lived and joyful life.

Designing Your Life Workshops provide in-person training on the DYL Life Design methodology in a supportive community. Workshops are offered as one-day, one-and-a-half-days, and as custom offerings for businesses and organizations.

With a focus on radical collaboration, DYL workshops provide creative, collaborative and thought-provoking exercises and discussions to design changes in your life and career. The goal of the workshops is to learn the life design methodology, build community, and come away with actionable ideas to try out right away. Workshops include an opportunity to define what work and life mean to you and how they can be integrated to increase flourishing; Design the balance and energy you need to fuel your life; Frame and reframe problems or areas where you’ve been stuck, and engage in “radical collaboration” and ideation for new solutions; And explore practices for discernment and engage in action planning to bring fresh ideas to life.

Fieldbrook Advising is among the first group of certified DYL facilitators who are licensed to provide workshops to broader audiences, businesses and organizations.

We have ties to Portland, ME and Washington D.C. and provide workshops in these areas. We are also available to travel to provide workshops on-site at your location.

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Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.
– Brené Brown

Mindful Self-Compassion

Workshop Provider

Train in Self-Compassion and Mindfulness

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato is trained to teach the 8-week, empirically supported Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program, developed by Drs. Kristin Neff and Chris Germer, which provides training in compassion, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

What is self-compassion? Generally, self-compassion is an awareness practice in which we offer ourselves the same understanding and kindness we might offer to a friend. The MSC course focuses on meditations, exercises and reflections to cultivate kindness (vs. self-criticism), common humanity (vs. isolation) and mindfulness (vs. over-identification). Self-compassion has been linked to emotional wellbeing, enhanced resilience and coping, motivation with less fear of failure, and increased relationship satisfaction.

Additional workshops on self-compassion are available, including an introduction to self-compassion, yoga for embodied self-compassion, and custom designed self-compassion workshop series (such as a 2-part essential skills for self-compassion, and 2-part workshop on reducing caregiving fatigue and burnout).

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